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Non runner to Asics FrontRunner 

Naturally Curious

Welcome to the blog documenting my running journey 

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Always smiling

They say smile and the whole world will smile with you As the clocks go back and the darker evenings draw in ever more quickly it’s...

The Victory Lap

26.2 As we stand in the pen waiting to move forward towards the start line there are no nerves. We have One last check of our phone...

The final countdown

26.2 It’s now taper time and we have time to reflect on our training and our road to Manchester. We have been so lucky in having support...

The big six

26.2 With less than 5 weeks to go until the ASICs Manchester marathon we can’t help feeling a little apprehensive about the day ....

A shadow of my former self

26.2 Two years ago a group of friends persuaded me to join them doing total warrior. “It will be fun “they said . At the time I was going...

I love it when aplan comes together

26.2 In every day life we usually plan our days or weeks out, wether that be what’s for tea or who’s picking the kids up from school....

Dancing on ice

26.2 Finally I get it!! I have ran on and off for about 6 years now. At times I have loved it and at other times it has felt like a chore...

The road is long!

26.2 Week 5 This feels like the hardest week so far. We are really fatigued after coming back from London but still keen to get going and...

999 emergency

26.2 08/01/12 3rd week of our training and it’s a 6 miler tonight with tweed striders,our local running club. Girls are at grannies for...

26.2 baby steps

5:40 and we can’t snooze the alarm again ! 17/12/18 first day of our sub 5hr marathon training. Debs puts her light on and flips back the...

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